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Over 50,000 women have successfully slimmed down with Dorra and made their curvaceous dream come true. Like them, you can achieve this similar amazing slimming result with Dorra. Read on to find out how these ladies, as common as you and I, managed to slim down successfully.

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After giving birth to her third child, Diyanah struggled with postpartum obesity, her weight soaring to 70kg. Her lower body, especially her tummy and thighs, were particularly affected, making it impossible to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes. She decided to try Dorra's treatments because they don't require medication, injections, or intense exercise, and they are safe with no rebound effect.

In just one month, she lost 4kg, and after 8 months, she successfully shed 15kg. The results have been amazing!


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As a housewife, Haslin struggled to lose weight after giving birth, facing obesity in her abdomen and arms. Her weight had been steadily increasing for the past five years, until she found Dorra!

Dorra's treatments, which require no medication or injections, gave her great peace of mind. In just 10 months, she successfully lost 14kg, going from XXL to XS! After slimming down, she could even wear her daughter's clothes, and they looked like sisters. She is extremely satisfied with the results!


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Yao Yin

At her heaviest, Yao Yin weighed 81kg, which was unhealthy and even caused irregular periods. Although her boyfriend never said anything, she felt inferior and unworthy when they went out together.

Some friends and family would bluntly tell her, "You're so fat!" These hurtful comments motivated her to lose weight and she turned to Dorra for help. After just two treatments, she noticed a difference in her body shape. Seeing her weight continue to drop gave her the confidence to keep going with the treatments. Ultimately, she lost a significant amount of weight and successfully slimmed down!


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Ann, a successful customer of Dorra, trusts Dorra's slimming techniques and products because they helped her go from size L to size S, dropping two sizes. She even had to alter all her pants to fit her slimmer figure!

Ann used to have a pear-shaped lower body, which made her look bulky in skirts. Her larger arms also made her self-conscious, preventing her from showing her best side to friends her age.

After six months of treatment at Dorra, she successfully slimmed down from size L to size S. Her favorite treatment is the detox treatment because it not only detoxifies but also helps her relax. Slimmer and more confident, she now excels in her work!


Our Customer


She once tried dieting but ended up fainting from hunger after only drinking water for 2-3 days without eating.

She was worried her boyfriend might be put off by her weight, even though he never said anything. When they went out together, she felt the stares from others and saw how slim other girls were, which made her feel insecure. Determined to lose weight, she turned to Dorra for help.

With Dorra's treatments, which don't require injections or medication, just lying down comfortably, she successfully slimmed down, losing 28kg and dropping several sizes from XL to S!


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